MacCollum Scholarship

Three important dates for scholarship application for the following school year:

  • September 1 – Application period begins
  • December 1 – Application period ends
  • ~April 1 – Award recipients announced

ASSE announces award recipients (online and via snail mail) around April 1 each year with award checks being sent a couple weeks after that.

Students can apply and learn more at If the application period is closed, there isn’t a link to the application itself. Still, you can access some basic information and the FAQ.

Preferences for the David V. MacCollum scholarship award set by the Southern Arizona Chapter are:

  • Student who is a Southern Arizona Chapter member.
  • Student attending school in Arizona who isn’t a chapter member
  • Student attending school in Region II.
  • Best student on a national basis.

Other scholarships are available – please check out “The Foundation” to learn more and be sure to check in September 1st to see what applications are open. Note – All ASSE Scholarships are managed through the ASSP Foundation.

Those wishing to make a contribution to the David V. MacCollum Visionary Scholarship, sponsored by the Southern Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers should visit the ASSP Foundation or email:


david-maccollumIn 2012, The Southern Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers announced that the Chapter would be naming its new visionary scholarship after Chapter Member David V. MacCollum.

David’s many contributions to the safety profession span over 60 years and includes:

  • Development of design criteria for rollover protection structures for tractors and other constructions equipment in the 1950’s as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Safety Director for U.S. Army STRATCOM’s worldwide communication command
  • Served on the U.S. Department of Labor’s Construction Safety Advisory Committee
  • Was principal reviewer of Mil Spec 882 during development of landmark system safety standard
  • Elected National President of ASSE in 1975
  • Received Highest ASSE Honor by Being Named Fellow in 1999
  • Authored over 400 published articles on safety
  • Authored three textbooks including “Crane Hazards and Their Prevention, Construction Safety Planning” and “Construction Safety Engineering Principles”
  • Frequent contributor to Journal of System Safety for Design-Based Safety Column

David MacCollum’s text books and novel – “Murder by Electrocution” can be found by searching on-line.

Mark Grushka, Southern Arizona ASSE Board member says, “We are very fortunate to have an individual like David as part of our Chapter. His contributions to the body of knowledge for the safety profession are legion. His energy, focus and intellect in so many areas have resulted in better designs which have saved numerous lives. It is only fitting that our scholarship which will support the next generation of safety professionals should be named in his honor”.

Thanks to Raytheon’s $3,000 contribution, The Southern Arizona Chapter Board voted to commit the remaining funds necessary to FULLY FUND THE SCHOLARSHIP in June 2015. This is an amazing feat for such a small Chapter!!! Woo Hoo!!!!